We support and develop initiatives that help improve the social conditions in the communities where we are active. Education projects form the backbone of Bekaert’s social funding and other community-building activities, because we believe that education and learning help create a sustainable future. 

Supporting educational and training initiatives

We support education-related initiatives in the communities where we are active.

In China, Bekaert has built strong relationships with various schools. Volunteers from the Bekaert Technology Research & Development Center went to Jiangyin Chenguang Primary School to give first-aid training in March 2017. Students learned how to perform life-saving measures such as CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator). A standard emergency procedure was also introduced during the training. 
In Brazil, our joint ventures participated in the Youth Entrepreneurship project, a program that prepares young people in taking their first steps into the job market. 30 employees volunteered to teach low-income youth how to improve their professional skills. 324 students have participated in this future-building initiative. 

Also in Brazil, 630 students participated in a science education program that was launched in 2016. The goal is to create interest in science and awareness for the environment. 

In North America, Bekaert supports the FFA, Future Farmers of America. This is a nationally recognized program that offers agricultural education, career opportunities and leadership development to 649 355 student members. We express our commitment to this initiative by giving agriculture-related trainings and by offering sponsorships. 

The International Children's Day was celebrated in several of our plants and offices. Colleagues from our plant in Slovakia attended a celebration event in the Children´s Center Hrajkovo. They assisted in the activities of the day care center. 

In China Bekaert has a long-term collaboration with the Shanghai Pudong Lianying Primary school. Bekaert colleagues donated new reading books to the school library on the occasion of Children's Day. 

Supporting social community initiatives

We support local activities and projects for social, cultural and economic development that aim to improve societal conditions in the places where we are active, among others through healthcare initiatives and disaster relief.

In the past years, several parts of the world have been confronted with natural disasters. We try to contribute to the affected regions by providing building material, food and financial help, especially when communities are hit where we are active. 
When the Manabí region in Ecuador was struck with a devastating earthquake in April 2016, the IdealAlambrec-Bekaert plant was contracted by the Government as the primary business partner in a major housing reconstruction program. Right after the earthquake, Bekaert Latin America together with the IdealAlambrec-Bekaert plant in Quito donated 10 houses to affected families in the area. In 2017 they made a second donation, reaffirming our commitment to continue working to rebuild the Manabí region. The donated houses are built in line with Ecuadorian construction regulations regarding earthquake resistance. The construction works were performed by local builders and technicians, contributing to the employment in and development of the province.
The southern states of the United States suffered under the devastating hurricane Harvey in August 2017. The Bekaert plant in Van Buren collected and donated money to families who lost their homes.   

In the beginning of 2017, Chili was in a state of emergency for several weeks. Wildfires raged through the southern and central part of the country and burned down houses, livestock and even entire villages. The Inchalam-Bekaert plant gathered forces to support families who lost their house. Food and beverages were provided and Inchalam-Bekaert donated material for the reconstruction of the houses in cooperation with NGO Techo Chile.

The Inchalam-Bekaert plant also participates actively in Mesa Empresa, an initiative that supports collaborations between companies and the local community. Their aim is to improve  the life quality of people by organizing activities related to culture, environment, health, training, and recreation. In 2017, Inchalam-Bekaert collaborated among others in sports activities and a clean-up initiative to celebrate World Environment Day.

The Marietta sales team in the United States has built a sensory playground for children with special needs in the Moultrie, Georgia community. This project was a collaboration with local social organizations who offer help to children with disabilities.
All over the world, Bekaert supports local healthcare initiatives. 
  • In our plants in Zwevegem (Belgium) and Proalco (Colombia) for example, colleagues organized a blood donation for the blood banks of national medical services. 
  • The program Ver e Viver (Seeing and living) in Brazil provides vision tests and glasses to students of municipal schools. Thanks to our Brazilian joint ventures, 4 295 students benefited from a vision test in 2017 and 256 glasses were donated.